This year's entries

01/09/2018 - Powerboat Records Week 2018

The 48th Annual Powerboat Records Week will take place from Monday 29th October to 2nd November 2018 on Coniston Water. 

All questions and correspondence should be directed to



The event is open to all international competitors who comply with the Advanced Regulations 2018 and the relevant National and International Class rules. 



We don't publish a list of entrants to the event, although we are open for entries, we never know exactly what teams and drivers will be taking to the course. A lot depends on weather and the development of their craft, as we get nearer to the event and during the event we will be active on social media, giving more details on some of the confirmed entries, records broken and course conditions.

Runs will take place from 8am to around 4.30pm each day (2pm Friday), this is weather dependant, there is no running order as it is up to each team / entrant to declare themselves ready to run and join the stack (the live running order). There is generally always around 5 entrants in the stack waiting to run when the water is open, different types of craft look for differing water conditions.


The course is between Priestly Centre near Torver Jetty (approx 1km south of Coniston) and extends 1 km south. During the event it will be marked with 2m high orange buoys and time keepers on the bank.